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Business Details

Consulting Service (research, market strategy development, planning)

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Business Planning, business & marketing strategy development and planning
  • Campaign / Promotion planning
  • Sales strategy planning, sales process establishment, Sales Process Re-engineering (SPR)
  • Market research, price survey, customer analysis
  • Marketing support
  • Customer analysis, survey
  • Project planning and marketing strategy development and implementation support
  • Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO)
  • Sales Process Outsourcing (SPO)
  • BB2B marketing and sales support
  • Advertising
  • Translation


 Overseas business development aid-related consulting and service

  • Assistance in overseas expansion and business development in IT and ICT
  • Transferring foreign and domestic technology, import and export
  • Overseas business development support
  • Overseas market research, development survey
  • International Cooperation Project, technical Cooperation project

    ・Project management and operation of Official Development Assistance (ODA) operated by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    ・Dispatch of experts for ODA operated by JICA

JICA Homepage: Kick-off regional development project by Thailand WiMAX communication

JICA Homepage: The project of human resource development through utilizing the Information Technology for rural community vitalization in Thailand

JICA Homepage: Myanmar University of Computer Studies, Yangon(USCY): Technical transfer of wide area wireless network(WiMAXax) at USTTI(Information and Communication Technology Training Institute)



 Other Consulting Services

  • SCM, Distribution Consulting
  • Business Development Consulting (Communication, IT, Digital Content-related)
  • Backbone Network Planning, Consulting service
  • Feasibility Study, Project Evaluation
  • Benchmarking
  • Market Research


 Development and Sales of ICT (Information Communication Technology)-related systems and services

  • Development and sales of ICT-related systems and services
  • Development and sales of CCTV systems and services
  • Development and sales of Remote Monitoring systems and services
  • Development and sales of Wearable Camera-related systems and services
  • Development and sales of Network-related products and services

スライド19 ​

 Development, sales, import/export of Disaster Prevention / Security-related products

  • Development and sales of Disaster Prevention-related products
  • Development and sales of Security-related products


 Development, production, and copyright sales of digital content-related products

  • Development, production, and sales of content-related products
  • Digital content development and sales Programming and program sales
  • Copyright sales
  • Digital Content distribution


 Import/export of foreign products, sales of value-added products