Japan and Thailand based on a solid foundation of trust and technology

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Track Record

Past Business Examples


  • Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Asia: Marketing support for 4G Base Station equipment in Thailand

  • McDonald’s Holdings Japan Ltd.: Consulting and benchmarking of procurement and logistics (Japan)

  • Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.: Improvement of call center operation (Japan)

  • G-Search Limited: DB Encryption product development and sales support (Japan)

  • Micros Software. Inc: U.S. market research and marketing of data manga

  • Corel Corporation: Customer analysis, B2B lead generation, sales support (Japan)

  • Japan Development Service Co., Ltd.: Dispatching ICT expert for international cooperation-related project (See below)

  • Coboplan: GIS (Graphic Information System) marketing support (Japan)

International Cooperation、Research Projects>

  • Ministry of Economy and Trade of Industry: IP Phone market research in Thailand and neighboring countries.

  • JICA:The project of human resource development through utilizing the Information Technology for rural community vitalization in Thailand

  • PEA Thailand: ICT Business development utilizing Fiber Optical Infrastructure

  • Bangladesh Export Bureau: Export Diversification Project

  • Bangladesh Software Association: ITES offshoring Pilot Project

  • Vietnam Ministry of Education, Hanoi Technology Institute: IT/Japanese Course and Syllabus Development

  • Vietnam Japan Center: Project evaluation

  • Myanmar Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST): Application conference lecturer

  • Myanmar University of Computer Studies, Yangon(USCY): Development of in-Campus wide area wireless network(WiMAX)

  • Myanmar University of Computer Studies, Yangon(USCY): Technical transfer of wide area wireless network(WiMAX) at USTTI(Information and Communication Technology Training Institute)