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Message from CEO

The diplomatic relationships between Japan and China and Korea have been rocky. Due to this situation, there is greater attention given to rising Southeast Asian nations, and growing numbers of companies, including those that have developed businesses in China and Korea, are reconsidering shifting their business strategies to Southeast Asian countries. Thailand is one of a few pro-Japan countries, and it is an international market considered to be the entrance to other Asian markets.

Affinity Group will continue to support cross-cultural business development between Japan and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand with the goal of bringing prosperity to both countries and their people.

Affinity Japan has consultants with over ten years of experience in ICT business development in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bangladesh through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) projects and overseas consulting. In Thailand, consultants at Affinity Siam Co., Ltd. have strong connections with the Thai government and ministry officials as well as solid trust from Japanese ministries and private companies, and they will support your new overseas business development.

With a long track record of accomplishments in assisting one of the largest manufacturing companies to develop its new business in Asia, Affinity Group will stand by your company every step of the way to start and grow your business in a new market.

CEO, Affinity Japan Co., Ltd.

Board of Director, Affinity Siam Co., Ltd.

Mamoru Yasui