Japan and Thailand based on a solid foundation of trust and technology

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Company Outline

Corporate Mission

Our Mission

Affinity Group’s mission is to support cross-cultural business development, forming a bridge between Japan and developing countries in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, bringing prosperity to both countries and their people.



Affinity Japan Co., Ltd. originated from the word “affinity,” describing the force that binds atoms in molecules as well as the bonds of spirits. Affinity Group is created to have no hierarchy but rather a horizontal structured group of friends and members with trustworthy relationships formed under common consensus. It is a group with a common ideology and shared interests, as well as common practices, roles, and skills. The vision of the founding members of the company to develop a strong bond is reflected in the company name.

Company Introduction

Affinity Japan was founded in January 2014, incorporated from a DBA, M’s Marketing, which had provided professional services since 2004.
As a Japanese group company of Affinity Siam Co., Ltd. in Thailand, we will continue to provide professional ICT services with consultants who have developed business between Thailand and Japan.

Consultants with over ten years of expertise working on IT/ICT projects for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in Southeast Asia will support your business development in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc. In Thailand, consultants at Affinity Siam Co., Ltd. with strong connections to the Thai government and ministry officials will support your new business development. We work with Thai consultants to work with your business in both the public and private sectors to introduce you to prominent business partners and clients, supporting you from the first contact, overture to business accomplishments.

Our support services include site research, market research, partner development, and sales support, to assist you navigate through the local market.
We can also support you through language barriers between Thai and Japanese. Please feel free to contact us in English or Japanese.


Affinity Siam Co., Ltd.

Company Name Affinity Siam Co., Ltd.
Representative Sirisak Koshpasharin
Directors Mamoru Yasui, Areeya Imtanasan
Address 50 Narathiwasrachanakarin Rd., Chongnonthree, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
contact address (Tel) +66 2-674-3111

(Fax)+66 2-674-3710


Affinity Japan Co., Ltd.

Company Name Affinity Japan
CEO Mamoru Yasui
2 Chome 14-20 Kioroshiminami, Inzai shi, Chiba Prefecture 270-1328
contact address (Tel)+81-476-55-1046


Corporate History

  • June 2004     M’s Marketing Founded
  • January 2014   Affinity Japan Co., Ltd. Founded
  • January 2014   Affinity Siam Co., Ltd. Founded